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“James Maurice Martin is an Intuitive live painter who paints on stage with the band Indyca. He also is a resident Artist at The Marilyn Rose Center where his work can be found hanging regularly in the galleries there. James also hosts private and public paint parties regularly. Plan your next event now, whether it be a kids birthday party or your office team building event where we celebrate your team’s diversity by creating works of art together!

Our team-building activities encourage collaboration, creativity, and stepping out of your comfort zone. We believe in being less critical and more supportive of each other’s work. Let’s work together to create a memorable event. Contact us to plan your party now!”

My purpose was truly found through my mother. Art became my way to heal and help others to heal. My vision now as an artist is to help humans of all ages learn, “when you love the art you create, it’s easier to love the life you create.” I focus more on how the art feels vs. how the art looks. We choose not to see imperfections as a way to improve, but rather to celebrate imperfection as part of our purpose.

Who would want to be perfect? Everyone’s art should look different. I don’t teach people to replicate my work. I show them how to make it their own and encourage them to be different. It’s ok not to be ok. The best lesson art teaches us about life, “It’s not about lowering expectations. It’s about removing them entirely.”

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